30 minutes to relax and bring some energy back!

I have published recently an asana sequence to relax, restore some energy and find some calmest. It lasts approximately an hour. Sometimes, we just don't have that time. So here I share with you an asana sequence with pranayama that allows to relax and bring some energy back in less time.

Self-righteousness is not yoga practice (2) — My Daily Yoga Practice

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Teaching yoga, or practicing yoga, is not about ‘I am an unique spiritual being’ being chosen by ‘God’ or ‘Guru’, being initiated/assigned/given a righteous ‘duty’ from ‘God’ or ‘Guru’, being ‘self-righteous’ for helping ‘God’ or ‘Guru’ to patrol/judge/control/criticize/discipline/punish other people’s actions and reactions, or to be interfering with other people’s thinking/belief/behavior/practice that are different from […]… Continue reading Self-righteousness is not yoga practice (2) — My Daily Yoga Practice

About meditation – simple quote 2

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A very simple quote that explains well the difference and the link between dhārānā and dhyāna. Dhārānā (derived from the root drh, menaing to hold, or concentration) is like a lamp which is covered and does not light up the area outside. When the cover is removed, the lamp lights up the whole area. This is dhyāna, which is the expansion of consciousness.

Learning to rest in breath- A yoga asana sequence that works well with me

Many times in a year, it can happens that you feel exhausted or that your mind cannot find peace. Always in a turmoil of emotions, thoughts, reliving the past or projecting yourself in the future. I like to work with yoga Nidra (like to my past blog post) but I also have yoga asana sequence for those moments that I love. I will share it with you. One of the most important part of this practice is the mood.

Asanas – Savasana overview

Savasana! This pose is a must. Expected by many at the end of a yoga session. At first glance, it seems childishly easy. Reclining on the back to the floor and relax, what could be easier! However, it contains many challenges for beginners. Being in contact with the constant stream of thoughts during this pose can sometimes cause a shock so great that some participant question the very practice of yoga. In fact, this pose is known by many great yogis to be the most challenging one. Do not worry! Savasana can be learn like all the others.

Satya — Yoga & Vedanta – Repost

Just like this post! Satya, or Truth, is the second of the yamas or observances in Raja Yoga. We must strive to be truthful at all times in thought, word and deed. The essence of integrity is that our words and deeds are consistent. We do what we say and we practice what we preach.… Continue reading Satya — Yoga & Vedanta – Repost

About meditation – simple quote

An untrained minds flies aimlessly in all directions. The practice of meditation brings it to a state of stability...He finds harmony between his thoughts, speech and actions. His still mind and intelligence burn like a lamp in a windless place with simplicity, innoncence and illumination.  B.K.S. Iyengar in Light on Pranayama

End of year and Yoga nidra

Winter sunset by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash used to illustrate a Dharma Yoga - A sweet quest post

Winter solstice is back! That time of the year where days are the shortest. A time when I always want to slow down and sleep like a marmot. Ah, but here’s the paradox! It is also a time when the year-end festivities are approaching. Invitations and social obligations are at their peak, and can cause a feeling of fatigue and intense overwork.